Free Online Game:Block Action

Get the little guy to the exit!

Here, you can play games and even create your original stages. There are timeattacks, evaluation,comment functions,also you can sort stages by the level of difficulties or scores. The details of how to create stages are below in this page.Just enjoy it!!

This block decides your first position in this game.

When you touch this block,you'll clear the stage.

This is the most basic block.You can stand on this block.

Almost the same as the Normal Block; except you cannot kick this block.

The character will slip on this block.

This block moves horizontally. You can kick it and ride on it.

This block moves vertically. You can kick it and ride on it.

By using the ↑ and ↓ keys on this block, you can change the direction it moves in.

If you step on this block,the gravity will be reversed.

By using the ↑ and ↓ keys, you can go up and down the ladder.

By stepping on this block, your character will move right automatically.

By stepping on this block, your character will move left automatically.

If you touch it.You'll be killed.

This block moves horizontally.If you touch it.You'll be dead.

This block moves vertically.If you touch it.You'll be dead.

This is only for the editting panel.You can restrict the move of each move block by using this.

You can jump higher, after you step on this block.

Once you step on this block, it starts to sink. After you leave from this block, it'll be go back to proper position.'

  1. Click the button "Create New Stage"
  2. Then you can edit new stage.Please select block and place it.
  3. If you want to save the stage, please click "Save" button.
  4. Please fill out the form.If you don't fill "password" column , you won't be able to edit the stage again.Be careful.
  5. After you submit your stage,you can "Edit","Delete","Clear Ranking" the stage with your password.
  6. If you submitted a stage, which is very boring and impossible to clear,it'll be deleted.Be careful.'
  7. That's all.I'm looking forward to your cool stages.

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